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When transaction needs arise, having experienced advisors at your side is critical to a successful outcome. Darsey and Associates provides comprehensive M&A services that are not widely available to smaller businesses. We are dedicated professionals with significant transaction experience that will take the time to understand your business.  Our M&A advisory professionals design and manage a customized process, creating competitive tension to optimize valuations and non-economic terms. We will prepare detailed marketing and financial materials that will draw maximum interest from prospective buyers.  You can count on senior-level attention, confidentiality, and professionalism every step of the way.


When setting the stage for M&A, we can help identify key issues early in order to devise a transaction strategy that enables deals to proceed smoothly.  From the initial planning and marketing stages, to tax consulting and deal structuring, we have your best interest in mind.  If you are just beginning to contemplate a sale, we can help with an action plan to prepare you for when the time is right.  We understand that smart strategic and financial moves are critical to your success, and they become even more important as you prepare to sell your business.


Our marketing process maximizes business value by identifying the right buyers, and cultivating heightened interest, urgency and competition among prospective suitors.  Darsey’s M&A team will take a hands-on approach to get to know your business beyond the financial statements.  For a merger or acquisition to be successful, it’s critical to properly evaluate the target, value the transaction, conduct proper due diligence, implement change management, integrate your back office, and identify overlaps or gaps in your accounting processes and IT systems. We will learn about your operations, competitors, products, people and markets.  This allows us to create a compelling story so that we can find the most suitable buyer, both financially and culturally.


Let us help you navigate the complex world of M&A, so that you can avoid the land mines.  We will work to complete your transaction in a timely manner.  Whether you seek an aggressive timeframe or you want to develop a long-term roadmap, our team will design a plan and put that plan into action.  Having negotiated transactions from both buy-side and sell-side perspectives, we know what it takes to get deals across the finish line.


Whether you are on the buy or sell side of a transaction, we can help you throughout the entire M&A lifecycle, from initial strategy to integration or divestiture.

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