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The Oil & Gas industry is in a state of transformation as it tries to find its way through a market impacted by shale extraction, gas as a global commodity-driven by LNG, and rapidly advancing information technologies that have changed forever the risk, cost and return equations for producers across the globe.   

Leaders are embracing “lean” manufacturing processes, variable cost “contingent” labor strategies, sensor/data optimization (IoT) and collaborative commerce ideas to reduce costs, improve visibility and create a variable cost model that can reflect the challenges and opportunities for a global industry.  Darsey and Associates is the partner of choice across the entire oil & gas vertical.  Our team is comprised of leaders from the exploration and production, midstream and logistics, downstream refining and oil field service sectors. We leverage that expertise to help our clients navigate the difficult market environment by streamlining corporate functions, delivering actionable insight from operational data and supporting companies throughout the complex transaction cycle.

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